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Chef Faiçal Zahraoui

Chef Faiçal Zahraoui, Known by his initials FZ, Faiçal Zahraoui is a Moroccan chef renowned for his unique reinterpretation of Moroccan Fusion cuisine. Rooted in locally sourced, forgoten ingredients, Zahraoui’s cuisine is an imaginative cross-pollination of ancient cooking techniques, such as fermentation and dehydration, Morocco’s vibrant street art scene and his natural ability to reinvent familiar, fresh produce into unique signature flavors. In 2022, Faiçal Zahraoui represented Team Morocco at the prestigious Bocuse d’Or Africa, where he won the silver medal, qualifying Morocco to the final to be held in Lyon in January 2023.


The Restaurant

Azalai Urban Souk is a Moroccan boutique restaurant and catering service that proposes signature chef’s menus, and that also creates bespoke culinary experiences. 

Focusing on reflecting the soul of the salt caravan, FZ Chef creates seasonally focused recipes, each one thought and designed to tell a story or recreate a memory. 

We believe that “hosting” you in our restaurant, catering to your home or for a special event can be the most amazing and intimate way to create unforgettable moments with friends, family, or clients. 

We also commit to excellence and quality, and this is reflected in a dedication to use the finest products, preparations, and service to create unparalleled memories in each dish.

Join our invitation to discover the Moroccan soul of Azalai Urban Souk


Every guest is unique, whether you have dietary requirements or wish to celebrate a tailored special occasion, and we will be delighted to create a personalized dining experience that meet your preferences and dietary requirements, our bespoke menu will meet your expectations, ensuring an extraordinary evening to remember!

Chef’s table

At FZ Chef’s private Table, we believe that dining is an intimate affair, best shared among a select few. Step into our exclusive world, where our chef's creativity and passion for food awaits. Nestled in an authentic setting, you'll experience firsthand the magic as FZ curates a culinary symphony before your eyes. Prepare to be captivated by the chef’s menu, a tasty feast that rivals Michelin-starred experiences. Each meticulously crafted dish tells a story, enticing both the palate and the imagination.

From delicate amuse-bouches to artfully presented mains, each course is a testament to FZ Chef's mastery and passion for culinary perfection.


Designed with the intention of coming together in celebration of food, local produce, and the chef’s lifestyle, these limited edition collections are handmade by Moroccan artisans combining the chef’s lifestyle, inspirations, old techniques and contemporary design.


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